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International Wholesale

We love the mad universe that is Pink Poo prints and naturally want to help more people around the world to get their hands on these amazing fabrics. The fabrics we print, and sell are licensed by Pink Poo and you will not find them at any other retailer in Sweden while the license lasts. For retailers in other countries, we are glad to offer the possibility to buy fabrics from us at wholesale price. Does this sound interesting to you?

If you are a seamstress/tailor with your own company and wish to buy larger quantities of fabric you are also eligible for wholesale. This includes Swedish sewing companies to. Let us know of your interest and we will work to find a suitable solution.

We release a number of collections every year. The patterns and fabric choices will be on preorder prior to printing only. Wholesale orders are made in full bolts. A bolt is normally around 10 metres. We charge per metre and so the cost of each bolt may differ slightly. This means that the exact price of your order cannot be specified in advance.

We usually ask wholesale customers for 30 % of the estimated total payment in advance. The residual amount will be charged as you receive your goods and the total will be adjusted to the actual amount delivered.

All our fabrics are inspected for quality, both at the factory and before we ship them to you, but there is still a slight possibility that flaws can occur. If you spot this, please alert us immediately and as soon after you take delivery of your goods as possible. Fabrics that have been altered, cut, used, dirtied or washed will not be eligible for return.

We strive to offer products that are made in Europe, organic and GOTS-certified where possible. We also do not keep a big stock of our fabrics since we do not support a culture of wasteful consumption. We print what we sell - simple as that.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you want to brighten the lives of your customers with these amazeballs fabrics!